Katelyn Galloway was born and raised on California’s central coast, where her artistic pursuits were nurtured from a very young age. Her mother was a designer and author and encouraged her passion for playing with different mediums. When she was six years old, Katelyn watched in awe as the artists in her mother’s makeup trailer worked. She was fascinated by the way they transformed their subjects like paintings on a live canvas, and knew that she’d found her calling.

Throughout her life, Katelyn worked towards her goal, applying makeup for dance recitals and friends, and reading every book she could find.  In college, she studied the visual arts and worked as a portrait painter.  She moved to Los Angeles to study beauty and special effects makeup at Make-up Designory, and after graduating, began her career as a full time makeup artist.  Since then, she’s been honored to win Best Makeup at the Action On Film Festival for her work on the movie Zombeo and Juliécula, and was voted the MVP of Universal Studio’s makeup department.  Her work spans the film, fashion, and commercial industries with clients like Al Pacino, Neiman Marcus, Guess, and many more.





"Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will"

- Karim Seddik