Top 3 Under $3--AMAZING Affordable Makeup

Well hello there friend!

Today I'm excited to share with you my 3 favorite products under $3 so let's jump right in!

1. E.L.F. HD Blush

My goodness, what to say about this beautiful blush? It's perfection. Creamy, smooth, not greasy, SUPER pigmented, gorgeous shades, cruelty free & vegan, comes in a hygienic pump, and only $3. Does it get better? No. No it actually does not. It's also widely available at Target, Kmart, the occasional Walgreens, etc. I like to shake it before use as it can separate, but even still if the occasional pump is liquidy or dry it still blends well. I own 3 shades, but I'm looking forward to purchasing all of them. I recently bought the shade Showstopper, and when I swatched it on the back of my hand I literally made a noise like, "uuuhhhhhmmaahhwwhhaaa?" It's the most DELICIOUS berry color I've ever seen/salivated over. In the bottle it looks like a very dark plum shade, and I bought it to use on one of my clients with a gorgeous deep skin tone, but now I see that it would look amazing on ANY skin tone. I've been using it as a berry lip stain and blush for the past few days. I want to be married to it. Warning: you need literally less than a head of a pin to do your cheeks AND lips, it's like straight pigment. So don't go squirting out a whole pump's worth or you'll be able to paint your whole face. And by the way, a little birdy mentioned that it's an EXACT duplicate of a certain beautiful & discontinued $26 blush from Makeup Forever with the same name and packaging.

I'm the birdy. Just in case that didn't come across. 

2. E.L.F. Studio Eyebrow Kit

Oh, you noticed that 4.5 star rating from 740 reviews on target's website? Yeah, me too. And I've gotta say, it's deserved. One side of the compact is a gel/cream and the other is a matte taupe powder. You can use the angled side of the little brush that comes inside it to perfectly brush in little hair strokes (just like I showed you in my post on eyebrows that you must read) with either the gel or powder or both. Also, the powder is a super silky smooth and pigmented taupe shade, and doubles as my HANDS DOWN favorite drugstore eyeshadow. I wear it every day. It's almost impossible to find matte eyeshadows on the low end, let alone any that are silky and pigmented. The fact that it comes as part of a cruelty free & vegan set with an amazing brow gel for only $3 just puts this product so far over the edge it's now careening to it's death. I think that metaphor got away from me but you get the idea! Target only sells the shade Medium, which is actually fine. I purchased the colors Ash, Light, & Dark off of E.L.F.'s website and found that Light, Medium, & Dark are all almost identical. Ash is great though if you have very light blonde hair, otherwise, the sheerness of the gel should make it useable on medium to darker blondes as well as brunettes. 

3. E.L.F. Studio Blush Brush

To be honest, it was super hard to decide on the third item for this list, E.L.F. makes several fantastic brushes and some other great products, but I decided on this brush because it's so darned versatile. I use it for foundation, blush, highlighting, & contouring. You can't really tell from the photo, but this brush comes to a tapered point, which is what lends it such precision and as a result versatility. You can get foundation up under the eyes & around the nose with ease, and use the point to apply highlighter just on the cheekbones or contour colors in a nice thin shadow under the cheekbones. It's super soft so it gives an airbrushed finish and, like all E.L.F products, it's cruelty free & vegan. If you wash it vigorously a lot or with hardcore brush cleaner it can start to bleed a little bit or fall apart, but at $3 I can't really blame it for not having the lifespan of my brushes that cost $80. All in all It's a wonderful brush that I use almost daily. 

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