The #1 Most Important Beauty Tip In The Galaxy

Hello Friends! 

Today I'm going to change your world with the best beauty advice in the galaxy:

wear a friggin sunscreen for crying out loud.

It’s the single most important thing you can do to ensure your skin’s appearance and health for the long haul, so that your face doesn't look like this:

I realized that this might be a really offensive joke, but it's pretty late while I'm writing this so I'm going for it. Also, I did google "elephant butt" to make this happen, and there were like, a lot of photos. So many photos of elephant butts. I looked at them for a while to find the one that I thought had the best ratio of funny and descriptive to gross. I think I nailed it.

I realized that this might be a really offensive joke, but it's pretty late while I'm writing this so I'm going for it. Also, I did google "elephant butt" to make this happen, and there were like, a lot of photos. So many photos of elephant butts. I looked at them for a while to find the one that I thought had the best ratio of funny and descriptive to gross. I think I nailed it.

Anyway, sun damage is a tricky beast, because it strikes when most women aren't thinking about it yet, and by the time they see the signs of premature aging or become one of the 3.5 MILLION people diagnosed with skin cancer in the U.S. alone each year, it's impossible to completely reverse the damage that's been done. I talk to a lot of frustrated women that wish they could run back in time to throw a towel over their sunbathing baby oil-lacquered younger selves. If premature aging isn't something you're thinking about, let's change that, and if you're seeing it's effects already, let's stop any further damage. 

Disclaimer: I 100% believe that natural aging is incredibly beautiful and not at all like an elephant's butt. As an oil painter I paint almost exclusively elderly people because I personally see something magical in the faces of those with experience and time that inspires me. I make the big fussy fuss about sunscreen because sun damage causes people to look older than they are and no one wants to look old-er, only as old as they are, does that make sense? But more importantly, it hurts the health of skin.

Okay jeeeeez Katelyn I'll wear sunscreen, but how and which one? Help me.

Well other Katelyn, let me start by giving you some helpful information about how sun damage works. When did this become me talking to myself? I don't know Katelyn. Me either, but I do know that you are super pretty. Oh my gosh so are you! Anyway, UVB rays are those jerks that give you sunburns, but UVA rays are the sneaky bastards responsible for wrinkles and sun spots and they are around with a vengeance all day (including morning and evening,) in any weather, all year long, and even inside where there’s natural light because those suckers penetrate glass! So wear a broad spectrum sunscreen EVERY day of the year and apply it LIBERALLY to any skin not covered by clothes. If that’s overkill in your opinion (I am admittedly too lazy to apply it in all of those places every day) give priority to the areas most susceptible to sun damage; your face, chest and hands. I actually just carry around a small bottle of non-greasy sunscreen and use it as a hand cream throughout the day because 1. It has basically the same ingredients as a hand cream but with SPF, and 2. I wash my hands a lot and I’m OCD.

 Tip: You need more than you think more often than you think. SPF 5,000,000 does not mean that you only need a tiny amount applied in the morning before being out in the sun all day. According to the American Cancer Society, SPF 30 provides 97% protection, SPF 50 only provides 1% more protection at 98% and SPF 100 offers 99% but most people do not apply nearly enough so they actually get a much lower SPF than what the bottle says. The important thing is that you‘ve applied an even, generous layer and that you reapply every 2 hours if you have prolonged direct exposure.

But what about all the different kinds of sunscreen?

 Sunscreens come in 3 forms: physical a.k.a. mineral, chemical, and hybrids with both mineral and chemical sun protectants. Here's a VERY simplified and generalized breakdown of the differences between mineral and chemical sunscreens.

Physical/Mineral Sunscreens

  • Contain Titanium Dioxide and/or Zinc Oxide as the active ingredients

  • Are sometimes better for sensitive skin
  • Can be used in the eye area
  • Can sometimes (not always!) leave an unsightly white cast on the skin or appear paler in flash photography

Chemical Sunscreens

  • Contain any mixture of chemical sun protectants including but not limited to Avobenzone, Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, etc.
  • Sometimes cannot be used near the eyes
  • Typically do not appear white or pale
  • Can sometimes cause burning and irritation on sensitive skin

 The days of all sunscreens being super greasy or having a nasty white color are over, and there are some amazing sun care products on the market, in both mineral and chemical formulas. The bottom line is, you can find one that works for your needs and skin type. 

So when do I put it on? What about moisturizer? What about makeup and primers? You're telling me to put so much crap on my face!

Shhhhhh shhhhh it's okay. Listen to my voice. Contrary to what the beauty industry may be telling you, you don't need moisturizer and sunscreen and serums and primer and foundation and powder and barbecue sauce all layered on your face every day. At the very least let's simplify things by using a moisturizer with broad spectrum SPF included.

Want to hear about my favorite one in the universe?

Of course you do. Meet my BEST FRIEND the Kiss My Face Face Factor SPF 30 Sunscreen for Face and Neck:

Hi best friend.

Hi best friend.

PS: This post does contain affiliate links. If you purchase something using the links provided I get a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

So why so much excitement? This beautiful little example of skin care PERFECTION is a hybrid sunscreen, part mineral part chemical. It's fragrance and dye free, so it's excellent for even the most sensitive skin, it's chock-full of scientifically proven to be beneficial ingredients like a wonderful mix of powerful antioxidants that help treat wrinkles and other signs of aging and improve the health and quality of skin overall, and non-greasy moisturizing ingredients to keep skin balanced and quenched. It can be used around the eyes and it's never white or chalky. Please look for your Save The Date in the mail, as I will be marrying it. Did you notice the glowing reviews on amazon? Check out it's "Best" rating and review from the always no-nonsense Paula Begoun at Beautypedia. And let's not forget it's toxicity rating of 1 from the Environmental Working Group. P.S. please don't confuse it with any of the other similarly named sunscreens from Kiss My Face or the SPF 50 version as they are not nearly as awesome and one of them (I'm looking at you Kiss My Face Mineral SPF 40) like SUPER sucks. 

It's great for almost all skin types; normal, sensitive, dry, combo, but if you have very oily skin, you may be happier with something more lightweight like the Paula's Choice Clear Ultra-Light Daily Mattifying Fluid SPF 30. If you are interested in that, use this link to get $10 off your order!  I also get $10 off an order, which is good because I'm addicted to her line. 

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