DIY Kraken Halloween Costume-A Kraken Ate My Husband

Hello again. Sorry that I'm the worst and don't post as often as I should. In the past few months I've worked on 3 shows (look out for The Leftovers on HBO, American Crime on ABC, and Urban Cowboy on Fox) started a new local wedding company (check out and moved forward with something top secret that has changed my life and is literally making me explode that I can't tell you!!! But stay tuned. Also my sweet baby dude is way mobile now so yeah.. there's a lot going on. And last but not least, a Kraken ate my husband. 

What? Check out our Halloween costumes from this year!

As I mentioned I hate sleep, and myself, so my schedule has been a bit crazy lately. I wanted to do something cute and awesome for Caspian's first Halloween but I was so busy! So I found him this little Captain outfit on amazon, and thought, "Perfect! I don't have to make anything!" Then my husband had to go and say, "Wouldn't it be awesome if you were a ship and I was a Kraken?" And the above image popped into my head and I just couldn't unsee it. So we went to the craft store and grabbed a bunch of random crap. Here is the story of Captain Caspian of the U.S.S. Blerg and the Kraken.

Some of this didn't end up being what I used, and there are some things not pictured.

Some of this didn't end up being what I used, and there are some things not pictured.

First, I cut holes in this old trucker hat, cut the handle of the pumpkin bucket and poked them through the holes and taped it all together, then I cut a cone out of poster board and taped it to the pumpkin. This was really about getting the general proportions of the Kraken. I used photos of actual octopuses and vintage drawings of Krakens as references.

Next I covered the whole thing in tape, creating the shapes that I wanted to connect the different components. There was a lot of tape. I used floral foam and a butter knife to sculpt eyeballz and glued them to the sides of the head. I secured the eyes with tape as well so they didn't slide while the glue dried, though that isn't shown in this photo. 

I cut ridges out of poster board and taped them on.

I made cones out of poster board the length that I wanted the tentacles to be.

Using vintage wooden snake toys as my inspiration, I made incisions along the cones to create curves and joints in the places that I wanted movement in the tentacles, and secured the angles with tape.

Okay here's where things started to come together. I ran wire along the top and bottom of each tentacle, and reinforced with tape to add a little more structural security. I figured out my placement for the tentacles, and cut webbing out of poster board, then you guessed it, secured it all with tape. There was a good chance this was going to totally fall apart and die. Especially during the next step...

Using cut up strips of lightweight muslin fabric dipped in watered down white glue I did a layer of basically paper mache but with fabric. One layer was all I needed, and yes it was terrifying putting heavy, wet, gluey fabric all over a giant structure of paper and tape. I'm probably dumb.

Painting time! Using the primary colors and black and white in acrylic paint, I mixed some colors and used various techniques to enhance highlights and shadows, and give texture. I did add more detail and dimension after this photo.

Le Eyeballz! This was maybe my favorite part. Have you ever noticed cephalopod eyes? They are crazy beautiful and cool. I cut ovals out of a plastic apple carton from Costco, then using those primary colors again, painted the inner concave side using layered spots to give the effect of a real cephalopod eye. 

I checked the fit, then cut away the excess plastic, and I actually just tucked the eyes into the eyelid ridge that I had sculpted into the muslin to hold the eyeballs in place.

Captain Caspian & The U.S.S. Blerg

Next I made the U.S.S. Blerg out of a giant cardboard box. I looked over photos of vintage ships and outlined a silhouette that I liked on the side of the cardboard, then cut it out and then used that side as a stencil for the other side. I painted the exterior with acrylic paint, and freehanded the name. I reinforced the structure with cardboard beams and my best friend tape. I crossed two empty wrapping papers rolls and secured with twine, then cut a chunk of muslin, rolled it up and tied that with twine as well. I punched holes in the interior reinforcement beams then tied criss-crossing twine to use as a harness.

Chris and I wore navy and white stripped shirts that I grabbed at H&M, and I bought a $5 sailor hat from a local Halloween store. Caspian's sailor outfit from amazon was perfect! Although the hat was outrageously large so I ripped it apart, took everything in about a half inch and sewed it back together. I felt really awesome about my alteration since I'm by no means a seamstress until I noticed that I sewed the top of the hat back on inside out. It's just white interfacing on top. And I'm not gonna lie to you guys, I just left it like that.

Since this is a makeup blog I should probably mention that my lip color is my all time favorite matte red lip shade Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Fiery. Definitely put chapstick on to prime your lips, and use a lip brush to apply, because this matte long-wearing formula isn't messing around, but it is gorgeous, and it's the perfect true red.

There you have it!

What were you for Halloween this year? I want to see costumes!