The Best Drugstore Highlighter | Cream & Liquid Edition

Hey there friends!

It's time for the follow up to my previous post about the best drugstore highlighters! A couple weeks ago I did a big smackdown ol' smackdown of powder highlighters, and now I'm focusing on creams and liquids. Check out the video for my thoughts!

Products in This Video:

The Loreal and NYX swatches look decent, but they are definitely streakier and less blendable than I would like. 

As you can see, all of these are pretty (though the revlon and maybelline highlighters are both frostier and pinker in real life than they appear here) but the quality differences really come down to texture and pigmentation. Also, can you guys forgive me? I donated a bunch of makeup to a church group of teenage girls and I accidentally threw in the Kardashian Beauty highlighter before taking the swatch photos, and when I went back to Ulta to repurchase it they were sold out. I failed at giving you guys a swatch, but it was trash anyway so I hope you can look past this in your hearts and still be my friend.

What do you guys think? Any highlighters I desperately need to try?

PS: This post contains amazon affiliate links. If you purchase something using the links provided I get a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. This only applies to amazon links, and does not influence my recommendations at all :). Thank you for your support!


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