Snapchat Butterfly Filter Makeup Tutorial

Hey friends!

I am so excited to show you guys how I did this Snapchat butterfly filter makeup! I can't wait for Halloween and I'm really looking forward to doing more Halloween makeups. Let me know what other Halloween tutorials you want to see over the next couple months!

First I laid out the butterflies with the top facing down (so they were upside down) on a plastic sheet (I just used a garbage bag) in a well ventilated area. I always start on the underside that way I can flip it over and the side that you see is the side that is done last, which prevents the possibility of it getting messed up when you flip it over to do the other side. Did that make sense?

Then I primed the butterflies with a regular ivory colored spray paint that I already had on hand, though you could use white or an actual designated spray primer. This will make the gold show true and prevent it from absorbing into the butterflies and being patchy. I did 2 coats, but all you need to do is make sure that it's even and no longer absorbing. 

I allowed the spray to dry for about 20min (they dried pretty quickly because they were out in the sun on a hot day, dry times are heavily affected by temperature and humidity so use your judgement) then flipped them over and did a couple coats on the top side.

After allowing the primer to dry, I flipped them back over and sprayed a generous coat of gold spray paint. I gave that a good 20min to dry and then flipped it over again and finished off the top. They are so pretty! 

Once they were completely dry, I folded up the little wires that they came attached to and used bobbi pins to secure the folded up wires to my hair. If that didn't make sense, you'll know what I mean when you see the butterflies in person. If you look carefully at these photos, you can see that each of these butterflies are attached to a fairly long wire. I just folded up each wire so it wasn't so long and stuck it into my hair then secured it with a bobbi pin.

Have fun and let me know in the comments if you have questions or requests :).


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